Despite rapid economic growth, almost 9,00,000 children die every year in India. As someone who has contributed to and benefited from India’s recent economic boom, we are sure you would like to prevent this unnecessary loss of lives. Become their Guardian of Hope today by donating on a monthly basis and help ensure that all children of India develop to their full potential.

Ajit weighed only 1.3 kgs at birth. He could have become one of the 9,00,000 new born children who die every year. Thanks to support from people like you, Ajit is still alive.

Ait was admitted to a UNICEF supported state-of-the-art Special Care Neonatal Unit. By day seven, he was out of danger. Before being discharged, he was immunised against common diseases. His mother learned about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and basic hygiene habits to ensure that both she and her child stay healthy.

This is just the first step. Children need the right nutrition, the right and timely immunisation from diseases, the right education and a safe and protective environment in which to grow up to be healthy adults.

UNICEF, along with the Government of India, has devised low cost and effective interventions to save children’s lives. This ensures that every child gets the best start in life and ¡s able to grow to his or her full potential.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your support! Become a Guardian of Hope for these children today by donating on a monthly basis.

This is a make or break time for children. Donate now and make a long lasting impact on their lives

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